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Volunteer West can work with Volunteer Involving Organisations (VIO’s) and companies to assist them to establish and run comprehensive corporate volunteering programs.

Corporate volunteering, also known as employee volunteering, is an easy and effective way for businesses to contribute to the community. Companies give their employees an allowance of paid time off, which they use to volunteer at a charity of their choice.

Corporate or employee volunteering can happen as a small group or individual activity and provides your company with the opportunity to develop staff skills, build teams and bolster your reputation within your local community.

Corporate volunteers bring skill, enthusiasm and experience to Volunteer Involving Organisations. Establishing a formal corporate volunteering program, partnering with a business or large corporation can also increase your organisation’s public profile, and improve the branding and social awareness of your organisations work.

Benefits of involving corporate volunteers

Inviting skilled workers to volunteer at your organisation can add a new perspective, skills, technical expertise and experience to your organisation.
Other benefits can include:

  • Allow organisations the ability to periodically perform major tasks
  • Creating wider community awareness of local issues and needs
  • Promote your organisation through associated publicity
  • Improve understanding between the for-profit and community sector

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