Thank You to Our Volunteers!

Our volunteers, board members and staff get together to say thank you!

We want to conclude National Volunteer Week 2020 by acknowledging the many volunteers that support the work at Volunteer West! We couldn’t have done it without you!

Here’s a little snapshot of our heroes who continue to change our communities and lives in Melbourne’s west!

Laura – Volunteer Information Officer:

“I’ve been with Volunteer West since I retired 6 months ago. With more time on my hands, I wanted to do something worthwhile by being more involved in my local community and by giving back. Doing good for others and the community provides a natural sense of accomplishment. In my role with VW, I’ve interacted with people over the phone, I hear their story, especially during this terrible time of Coronavirus. I try to comfort and support those who need it. For anyone who is considering volunteering, I would highly recommend it, by volunteering you will get a lot of gratification.”

Amanda – Social Media Officer

“I enjoy being able to give back to the community that has accepted me as one of their own when I moved here from Malaysia. It’s an opportunity for me to offer up my skills where it’s needed and for me to learn from the other volunteers within the team. Throughout my career, I’ve had great mentors and friends within the industry that have shared their wisdom and skills with me unconditionally – I feel that it’s very important that I continue this cycle of skill sharing and paying it forward in any way I can. Through volunteering I hope to make a positive impact on the people around me by using my strengths and passions to be at my best and help them to be at theirs.”

Pakiza – Volunteer Information Officer

“From inquiring about opportunities to volunteer, I eventually joined this incredible team as a volunteer services assistant. I have done a lot of volunteer work throughout most of my life…. it’s always a fulfilling experience. It’s important to me for several reasons. Firstly, I always want to give back to a world that has given me so much to be grateful for. Volunteering is a perfect way to reach out and touch people’s lives, and in the end make things a little better for everyone. Secondly, it’s an awesome way to learn new skills, and interact with some amazing people. Keep your mind and heart open…. volunteering is not just about us doing society a favour by dedicating our time and energy for free, it’s really more about making a better impact, a lasting one, so make it count.”

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  2. Hello
    My name is Sadia Sultana. I am looking any hospitals or clinics aged care withoutbexperiences volunteer works. I don’t have any experiences about this volunteer works. I need an experiences for this volunteer works with full training. If your centre have anybaged care volunteer work training then please sent me email. I am really interested for this type of volunteer works.
    Thank- you.
    Sadia Sultans.
    3rd June,2020

    1. Post

      Hi Sadia,
      Thank you for your comment. If you’re interested in volunteering, please complete our online form and one of our team members will be in touch with you to help you find a suitable volunteer position.

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